What is
Network Automation

The art of transforming manually performed repetitive network management tasks into processes that are orchestrated and controlled through an intelligent software.

Why Automation?

Automation of planning, roll out, optimization and operations processes, minimizes the need for human intervention and drives evolution of Zero-Touch Networks.

What to Automate?

Capacity and investment planning could take months of efforts from multiple departments in the organization. Instead of this traditional approach, an investment planning automation solution, could bring all internal departments’ inputs into a single platform. The automation platform then generates the optimum investment decisions based on the current needs and policies of the operator.

Every aspect of network optimization can be automated. Steps through zero touch networks start from automated mobility, capacity, coverage, cell outage optimization and goes up to the automatic slice generation and orchestration.

Networks are becoming increasingly service oriented and operators want to ensure exceptional quality of service for every service running on their network. Network automation, thus, plays a critical role here, as it enables operators to detect service-related issues in real-time and resolve such issues before they impact customers.