Accelerating IoT Transformation

IoT is the primary driving force of digital transformation and it has complex technology requirements. It includes a cascade network architecture, each network consists of massive number of electronic devices, and each device has a different design objective. Optimizing your network and delivering the required capacity and coverage for each IoT use case is a challenging task. P.I. Works solution helps you tackle this challenge.

Understanding IoT Use Cases and Changing Network Requirements

Understanding IoT Use Cases and Changing Network Requirements

Analysys Mason predicts that the total number of IoT connections worldwide will grow at a CAGR of 22% between the end of 2018 and 2028, and will reach 5.3 billion in 2028. Consequently, the number of challenges will mount proportionally, outpacing humans’ abilities to deal with them and reinforcing the need for more software and automation solutions. While traditional wireless networks have been built into a range of one-size-fits-all options utilizing 2G, 3G, LTE and 5G with limited cross-system integration, IoT networks are being designed around a broad spectrum of use cases.

Each IoT use case has its own requirements. In some cases you need high bandwidth for applications such as real-time surveillance. In some other cases you need low bandwidth with many handovers like in vehicle tracking. For example, while remote measurement devices require lower bandwith, strong indoor coverage and battery lifetime, auto guided vehicles look for ultra low latency and high bandwidth connection.

P.I. Works' service-aware EXA and SmartPlan products drive network efficiency by delivering conformal coverage, mobility robustness and signaling along with the latency reduction and self-healing functions in IoT enabled mobile networks.

Providing Solid IoT Quality of Experience

Providing Solid IoT Quality of Experience

Increasing radio network complexity and emerging new services bring new network design and optimization challenges. Massive number of simultaneously connected IoT devices used in remote measurement, smart houses, medical, transportation industries increase signaling loads and radio interference levels. This requires extensive and continuous QoS monitoring and optimization for the specific services delivered. P.I. Works service-aware network monitoring and optimization platform helps operators reach IoT SLAs by ensuring solid service quality as expected from each service type like including ultra-low latency, wide-band throughput and deep indoor coverage.

P.I. Works EXA addresses IoT challenges through signaling load mitigation, interference reduction, mobility performance improvement, and power consumption optimization with coverage boosting activities. P.I. Works EXA offers the following capabilities.

Battery Life Time Improvement and Coverage Continuity Assurance: Besides real time optimization of defined parameters, EXA configures the capacity and coverage optimization policies and monitors the network performance.

Recommended modules include CCO (Coverage and Capacity Optimization), RSI (Rach Index Optimization), ACO (Area Code Optimization), AIC (Automated Inconsistency Correction), CEM enabled VantageNQ for performance monitoring and SLA alarms.

Signaling Reduction and Interference Mitigation for CapEx Savings: The massive increase in the number of connections along with the bursty traffic behavior of IoT devices cause more packet collisions in uplink during the network access. Cell Random access channel optimization with RSI and PCI optimizers, coverage overlap reduction with CCO, location update traffic reduction with ACO (Area Code Optimization) brings not only infrastructure efficiencies by reducing the need for new carriers in radio network and minimizing CPU loads on core network nodes but also allows operators to achieve improved IoT service quality (e.g., battery life time, solid accessibility).

Recommended Modules: CCO (Coverage and Capacity Optimization), RSI (Rach Index Optimization), PCI (Physical Cell Identity), ACO (Area Code Optimization).

Enabling the Hyperconnected World

Benefit from the self-configuration, self-optimization and self-healing capabilities of EXA to deliver the maximum performance for different IoT use cases

Signaling and Interference Reduction

Coverage Assurance for IoT Use Cases

Automated SLA Management

Battery Saving

Emerging IoT Use Cases, Network Densification and the Drive for Network Automation

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