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Managing growing mobile traffic while reducing network complexity requires operators to come up with the right network expansion strategy. Balancing cost and quality is a major challenge as the ultimate goal of mobile operators is to improve mobile service quality so to expand the subscriber base and drive use of innovative mobile services.

Customer Driven Planning and Optimization of HetNets

Customer Driven Planning and Optimization of HetNets

As networks become more heterogeneous, capacity planning and management as well as the new site selection for small / macro cell deployment require a tedious planning and execution.

In most cases, coverage gaps and capacity bottlenecks can easily be identified around certain hotspots, mostly near congested macro sites. However, the candidate locations need to be assessed carefully by taking business targets as well as CapEx and OpEx limitations into consideration, which will require operators to prioritize new site deployments.

P.I. Works solution helps operators find the optimum number and locations of required base stations based on the coverage and capacity requirements, budget limitations, marketing inputs and business targets.

Identify the Best Small Cell / Macro Cell Locations through Advanced Data Correlation

Identify the Best Small Cell / Macro Cell Locations through Advanced Data Correlation

P.I. Works’ in-house developed data collection and processing platform utilizes any cell based and geo-tagged metrics to deliver value driven network planning. The planning process covers both capacity expansion and new site selection actions. Triggering thresholds, weights coefficients, rank functions are user-defined and don’t require involvement of a systems administrator.

Solution is able to utilize any data sources and coordinate information as given below:

  • Radio Network KPI
  • Backhaul Metrics
  • Crowdsourced Data (including competitors’ service quality metrics)
  • CEM / CDR Data- CRM (customer complaints)
  • RF Propagation Data
  • Revenue Data
  • Point of Interest

Following design and capacity planning use cases are delivered through P.I. Works solution. Built-in traffic forecasting and interference reduction functions minimize long-term optimization and capacity expansion needs.
  • High precision small cell location selection
  • Carrier addition planning
  • Roll-out planning (e.g. LTE rollout planning)
  • Capacity expansion planning (e.g. power, license addition)
  • Site removal planning

Fewer Customer Complaints & Improved Return on Investment

Determining the best site locations for new cells will lead to improved customer experience and lower OpEx and CapEx.

Fewer Customer Complaints

Maximum Point-of-Interest Coverage

CapEx Savings Through Traffic Offload

Service Aware Network Design

HotSpot Identification & HetNet Planning with SmartPlan

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