Drive Energy Efficiency in Heterogenous Networks

The rapid growth in data consumption caused by increasing number of connected devices requires mobile operators to densify their networks. This results in new small and macro cell deployments, which is among the main contributors of increased energy consumption. Having to reduce the energy costs to become more competitive and environmental friendly, mobile operators need a solution to help them tackle this ever increasing challenge.

Towards Green Mobile Networks

Towards Green Mobile Networks

Mobile networks are estimated to contribute to around 2% of the total energy consumption globally, growing around 10% per annum. Increasing number of macro and small cells along with new carrier rollout will drive energy consumption, resulting in higher operational costs.

The capability to minimize the RAN energy consumption while providing a better network traffic capacity is the goal of mobile operators. It means reducing the total cost of network operations by improving utilization of the existing infrastructure and ensuring the subscriber experience.

Additionally, network energy efficiency is considered as a major challenge in the existing radio access technologies and a basic principle in the 5G New Radio design, as it will enable operators to deliver ultra high-speed, low latency mobile services without increasing the cost.

P.I. Works offers a fully flexible smart energy solution for operators to minimize their radio network costs and carbon footprint while maintaining the balance between energy efficiency and quality of experience.

Reduce Your  Energy Costs with AI Based Automation

Reduce Your Energy Costs with AI Based Automation

P.I. Works centralized energy saving solution offers customer-centric operations with predictive monitoring engine for your heterogenous mobile network.

  • Solution allows you to enforce energy automation policies like carrier deactivation order, activation and deactivation hours, load thresholds per vendor, technology and site type (e.g., in building, macro, and small cells).
  • In contrast to distributed energy saving solutions which only considers the related vendor and technology carrier, P.I. Works smart correlation engine takes energy saving decisions based on the traffic load at colocated technology layers that is composed of multiple vendor equipment.
  • P.I. Works energy saving solution ensures user experience especially at high mobility regions by minimizing the discontinuous coverage layers. It reduces the number of redundant inter-layer (L800 to L1800, L1800 to U2200) handover activities, call drop issues and load balance failures, which is crucial at high mobility regions like highways, bridges and metro stations.
  • State-of-the-art prediction engine forecasts the cell traffic loads on each technology layer and takes energy saving decisions proactively.

Go Green and Reduce Energy Costs

P.I. Works EVO Platform combined with our engineering expertise provides you the capabilities to maximize the benefits of our solutions

HetNet Compliant

Custom Energy Saving Policies

No Coverage Impact

Green Network Operation

Achieve Energy Savings of up to 9% with P.I. Works

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