Proactive Service Management for Enhanced Customer Experience

P.I. Works Service Operations Center (SOC) solution transforms conventional NOC into a customer experience driven process and lowers operational costs. Our process automation and big data correlation capabilities span mobile and fixed networks and empowers operators to break the operational siloes for delivering targeted, service specific quality improvement actions.  

Service level issues are proactively detected by using predictive analytics and corrected even before it affects the customer experience, leading to lower number of customer complaints and increased usage of your services. 

Operational Hub for Bridging Network and Customer Experience

Operational Hub for Bridging Network and Customer Experience

The increasing number of diverse mobile services with varying performance requirements now demand the adoption of a holistic, centralized management approach that is more customer centric. As a result, the conventional, KPI based network management efforts morph into SQS (Service Quality Score) based, service management model that prioritize the troubleshooting of customer affecting issues.

With SOC solution, you can benefit from an intuitive platform that is proactive, intelligent and automated. This solution helps you manage the customer experience by looking at the service and application performance. 

Key benefits of the solution are outlined below:
  • End-to-end, service specific monitoring for various applications and user profiles
  • Targeted customer experience analysis to decrease churn rate and increase customer satisfaction
  • Automated ticket handling by AI based predictive algorithms to proactively notify the operations center and take necessary actions before customer are affected
  • Reduced cost per customer experience based on the prediction of future capacity requirements
  • Lower operational expenditure deriving from the fully automated end-to-end proactive actions

Deep-Dive Analytics and Automation for Top-Notch Customer Experience

Deep-Dive Analytics and Automation for Top-Notch Customer Experience

SOC solution automates service management and uses big data analytics to correlate data from different sources, including Customer Experience Management (CEM), OSS, BSS, Crowdsourced and Geolocation systems. 

Key capabilities include:
  • Customer segment & service based service quality assurance (e.g. VIP, Business, UHD Video, V2X)
  • ROI analysis for different customer groups through easy to use interactive dashboards
  • AI Powered & ROI based investment decision support
  • Near real-time & machine learning powered service availability check and anomaly detection
  • Targeted and prioritized escalation of service specific issues
  • Proactive recovery actions with closed-loop automation

P.I. Works Service Operations Center Ecosystem Includes:
  • P.I. Works EVO Platform
  • P.I. Works EXA
  • P.I. Works VantagePM
  • P.I. Works Experia
  • Customer Experience Management (CEM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Inventory Management

The Transformation from NOC to SOC

Combining the power of AI & Automation for end to end service quality assurance

Visualized Customer Experience Management

Proactive Care of Customer Affecting Issues

QoS Management for VIP Customers

ROI Based Investment Decisions

Ucell and P.I. Works Teamed Up to Turn Business and Network Data into Actionable Insights

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