Delivering High Quality Voice Services Over Wireless IP Networks

Typical LTE networks are designed for downloading, streaming and web browsing - basically handling data traffic. These networks are not sensitive to coverage, capacity and mobility issues that can be faced during voice and video sessions. As a result, most LTE operators manage voice calls via CS-fallback function by directing session to 2G or 3G networks. In such cases, mobile users are deprived of high definition voice and video experience, which can only be delivered through an all-IP network.

Excellent Voice Quality, Quicker Call Setup and High Speed Data

Excellent Voice Quality, Quicker Call Setup and High Speed Data

According to Global Mobile Suppliers Association report published in March 2020, 272 operators actively investing in VoLTE services. Device manufacturers are also investing in VoLTE enabled devices. The motivation for moving to an all-IP network is to deliver a unified mobile voice and data experience over LTE networks.

Migrating to an all IP network will certainly offer a number of benefits as it will help mobile operators deliver more diversified services with higher quality. On the other hand, it will not be a straightforward transition for them as subscribers will expect a similar voice call experience in comparison to what they used to get in 3G and will demand high quality multimedia services which are enabled by the new IMS architecture.

P.I. Works EXA, when combined with geolocation capabilities, can identify various VoLTE field problems such as border coverage gaps, frequent call, pauses/breaks in communication. The solution can tackle each class of problems with corresponding troubleshooting and optimization actions.

Tackling VoLTE Challenges and Maximizing LTE Network Performance

Tackling VoLTE Challenges and Maximizing LTE Network Performance

P.I. Works ensures premium VoLTE experience by combining the power of automated network optimization products with global subject matter experts with a track record in radio access, core and backhaul technologies.

Automated optimization of coverage, capacity, mobility performance of wireless networks do not only allow mobile users to enjoy HD voice and high speed broadband services but also minimizes engineering efforts. Traditional optimization techniques are slow, one-time and only focus on radio access network, therefore does not meet today’s market needs. While P.I. Works expert team runs an extensive analysis of your Evolved Packet Core network to identify bottlenecks, the optimization solution proactively resolves network congestion, coverage gap/overlap, mobility issues by delivering 24/7 closed-loop optimization actions. This way, high quality and consistent voice and video experience is ensured across the whole network.

Automated Radio Network Optimization
  • Coverage and Capacity Optimization (CCO)
  • Mobility Robustness Optimization (MRO)
  • Root Sequence Index (RSI) & Physical Cell Identity (PCI) Optimizer
  • Automated Inconsistency Correction (AIC)

IMS Analysis and Optimization
  • Probe Based Analyses
  • Timer Optimization
  • Release Cause Analyses
  • IP Network Consistency Check

Enhanced VoLTE Experience for Your Subscribers

P.I. Works combines the power of closed-loop optimization and its IMS know-how to reduce the "cost per erlang" and shorten the "time to launch VoLTE services"

Reduced Time-Not-On-LTE

Improved OpEx Efficiencies with Driveless Tuning

Minimized Customer Complaints with Better Voice and Video KQIs

Boosting VoLTE User Experience with P.I. Works EXA

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